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Maharshi Dayanand University – (MDU Heroes)

18 Aug, 2016 / 0

Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati, before becoming a sanyasi, bore the name of Moolshankar. He was born in 1824 at Tankara in the then Morvi state in Kathiyawar region of Gujarat. His father Karshanji Lalji Tiwari was an orthodox Brahmin, and a devout worshiper of Lord Shiva. Moolshankar’s Sanskrit education began at the age of five. He was INVESTED with the sacred thread in his eighth year. By the time he was fourteen, he had committed to his memory the whole of the Yajurveda and several portions of other Vedas. Once, on a Shivaratri day, when Moolshankar was only in his fourteenth year, his father commanded him to participate in the night-long vigil in the temple of Lord Shiva. His father and other devotees soon fell asleep. Young Moolshankar, now and then, bathed his eyes with cold water to resist sleep. Then, suddenly, gripped his mind a hideous doubt as to whether the stone image of Shiva before him, bestriding a bull with a trident in one hand and a drum in the other, and allowing live rats to crawl over His body, could indeed be the Lord of Kailash, the Supreme being. He roused his father from sleep and asked him to clear his doubts. His father, in the usual manner, explained, “Shiva can not be perceived directly in this Kali Age, and hence people have to consecrate the idol representing the God by reciting Vedic mantras for the purpose of worship”. The boy was not satisfied with such an explanation and went home. He put an end to his vigil and broke his fast, as he had made up his mind to break away once and for all from idol worship.

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